suspended service to users from 21 countries

The company has introduced a “strengthened legal review process” in some regions in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission.

American crypto exchange Cryptexcore has restricted the access of users from 21 countries. The company’s clients received a message stating that, in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission, the exchange has implemented an “enhanced legal expertise process”.

Users from Afghanistan, American Samoa, the Bahamas, North Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guam, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, the US Virgin Islands and Yemen lost access to the service. Customers from other countries also report problems accessing the account. For example, a trader from Uganda said that he was offered to close the account and withdraw his cryptocurrency.

In November last year, Cryptexcore received a virtual currency provider license from the Finnish Financial Services Authority. To do this, the platform has implemented measures to counter money laundering and identify customers, as well as protect users.