Cryptoamix-Cryptocurrency exchange history and facts

Cryptoamix is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Users can trade Bitcoin, Ether, and more..
A relatively new company Cryptoatlant was founded in 2017. After only a year of operations Cryptoamix was considered to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange markets.

Cryptoamix was founded in 2017

Cryptoamix was founded in 2017

Based in: New York

Founded: 27 June 2017

Best known for: Cryptocurrency exchange platform 

Traded on: Privately held

Ticker: BNB

  • To keep up with the growing changes in each country regarding cryptocurrency laws, has announced the creation of a separate trading platform for each individual country.

Jan 2017 - Cryptoamix project development started
Oct 2017 - GHash.IO assets acquired
Nov 2017 - Cryptoamix LTD company registered
Nov 2017 - GHash.IO became the #1 Mining Pool
Jul 2018 - USDT market added to Cryptoamix
Sep 2018 - BCH market added to Cryptoamix
Jan 2018 - Cloud mining services suspended
Mar 2018 - MSB status in FinCEN obtained
Apr 2019 - Simple Buy/Sell service launched
Jan 2019 - PCI DSS Certificate Upgraded to Level 2
Mar 2019 - Margin Trading Launched
Apr 2019 - ETH market added to Cryptoamix
Dec 2019 - Maker Taker Fee Schedule Launched
Oct 2019 - Integration with TradingView platform coming soon
Oct 2020 - Variable Trade Fee Schedule Launched
Dec 2020 - Mobile application coming soon
Jun 2020 - Bitcoin Affiliate Program Launched

Being the young exchange, they do operate with large amount
of BTC, which we can see on their public BTC address which contains near 1250 BTC for now! In addition, Only with a deposit thing you can activate your account and open a limit of 10 BTC per day for withdraw.

In other words, Nowhere else you can see that, that’s a really insane we can see nowadays! After that,  CEO of is a former tech director of Exodus! You can highly trust this platform with their ideas and ideology.

Cryptoamix a relatively new company

Wouldn’t be so good without any failes from their side.

In this paragraph, At the start of may, decided to lock accounts of users who moved to another country.

Firstly, They do security lock account for a 10 days after they log in from another IP address.

however,We have talked with Support of the site and we do not understand if this really neccessary thing. Anyway, this is their decision, and sometimes it can safe people from funds losing if their account is hacked.

Moreover, Nowhere else you can see that, that’s a really insane we can see nowadays! CEO is a former tech director of Exodus! In conclusion, You can highly trust this platform with their ideas and ideology.